PUNK N PYE'S Best Friends Treats has a mission to create delicious, nutritious, homemade snacks for dogs, made only from all-natural, human-grade ingredients, and baked fresh (and they're gluten-free too)!

We want to develop relationships with our customers and build trust in our products. A happy dog makes for a happy dog owner. Therefore. our mission is two-fold: "We want to delight our customers' best friends, thereby delighting our customers!!"

Kim LeBlanc Hamilton is a 3
rd generation family matriarch-taught baker from New Orleans. Her love of dogs combined with her love of baking led to the inspiration of creating PUNK N PYE’S Best Friends Treats. A former fitness model, she always cooks with health and nutrition in mind… “you are what you eat.” Teaming up with her husband, Mike, they’re setting out to spoil Punk, Pye, Penny and all their furry friends!

“PUNK N PYE’S Best Friends Treats was created out of my love for dogs, and my love of baking…. now I get to reward the special members of my family by baking them something special!”-Kim


PUNK N PYE’S gourmet dog treats are OVEN-BAKED from human-grade and all natural ingredients. We make them in small batches at our certified human grade kitchen in Slidell, Louisiana. All of our treats are wheat free, corn free, gluten free and soy free. They contain no preservatives, no GMOs and nothing artificial. We have five delicious flavors and they have a unique shape that is specially designed to break into five smaller pieces, so each cookie is five treats in one!Each PUNK N PYE’S flavor is like a healthy mini-meal that you would cook for yourself but designed as a yummy snack for your pup...dogs think they are eating your food!

Our Five flavors:

Chic Chic Broccoli Bonzo (A Chicken and Broccoli Treat) is with real baked chicken and steamed organic broccoli. We only use the chicken breast, no meal or by-products and the chicken is hormone and antibiotic-free

Gone Fishin’ (A Salmon and Carrot Treat) is baked wild Alaskan salmon filet, steamed organic carrots and a touch of cream cheese

Yammin’ Apples (A Sweet Potato and Apple Treat) is made with organic sweet potatoes and red delicious apples

Nutty Pumpkins (A Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Treat) is organic pumpkin and all-natural peanut butter made from only peanuts and sea salt Punk’s Brunch Crunch (A Bacon, Egg, Oatmeal and Blueberry Treat) is made with real bacon and eggs, oatmeal with organic blueberries

and cottage cheese -“our body-builder breakfast”

“We make our cookies so that you can eat with your dog if they were allowed at the table!

"We have a unique baking process, too! We double bake them and slow bake them at a low temperature to remove all the moisture,

so we don’t have to use preservatives. We also puree everything, so they are easily digestible"!