PUNK N PYE'S Best Friends Treats has a mission to create delicious, nutritious, homemade snacks for dogs, made only from all-natural, human-grade ingredients, and baked fresh (and they're gluten-free too)!

We want to develop relationships with our customers and build trust in our products. A happy dog makes for a happy dog owner. Therefore. our mission is two-fold: "We want to delight our customers' best friends, thereby delighting our customers!!"

Kim LeBlanc Hamilton is a 3
rd generation family matriarch-taught baker from New Orleans. Her love of dogs combined with her love of baking led to the inspiration of creating PUNK N PYE’S Best Friends Treats. A former fitness model, she always cooks with health and nutrition in mind… “you are what you eat.”
Teaming up with her husband, Mike, they’re setting out to spoil Punk, Pye and all their four-pawed-friends!

“PUNK N PYE’S Best Friends Treats was created out of my love for dogs, and my love of baking…. now I get to reward the special members of my family by baking them something special!”-Kim

Based in Los Angeles, California, which is home to more than 35 dog parks throughout LA County,

we are soon to be the “ice cream truck” for dogs!!

We use only all-natural ingredients, baked fresh.